Start Living in the Moment and Stop Worrying

In 30 seconds… To live in the moment means to stay highly focused and concentrated on the present. You have to be mentally strong in your strategies to drive your present. Have little or no concern about your future, nor worry about your past. You have to sustain the practice of living in the moment.Continue reading “Start Living in the Moment and Stop Worrying”

Summer is The Season That Reminds us to Come Alive

In 30 seconds… Welcome to the start of summer! Now slow down. You don’t want to miss anything by hurrying past it. And there is no need to sweat even more, unless you’re also having fun while doing it. That’s the wisdom of summer. It teaches us to be fully awake, engaged and open toContinue reading “Summer is The Season That Reminds us to Come Alive”

Ways To Naturally Boost Energy When You Feel Drained

In 30 seconds… Are you dragging through your day? Life is pretty hectic, stressful and all-consuming these days, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little more exhausted than normal. Everyone is familiar with all-out energy drain – that exhausting day (or night) when no matter how enticing that new movie, fabulous shoe sale, orContinue reading “Ways To Naturally Boost Energy When You Feel Drained”

Why Do We Need a Purpose In Life and How To Find Yours

In 30 seconds… If you’ve ever faced a significant crisis in your life you’ll have experienced the power of purpose to tap reserves of energy, determination and courage you likely didn’t know you had. Your mission was clear. Your goal was compelling. Your focus was laser-like. Your potential was tapped. The power of purpose isContinue reading “Why Do We Need a Purpose In Life and How To Find Yours”

How Travel Changes You For Better

In 30 seconds… Travel is good for lots of things, but it can also increase mental well-being – and not just in the short-term. Whether you’re traveling for business, on a one-week family holiday, or have sold everything to pursue a life on the road, traveling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence,Continue reading “How Travel Changes You For Better”

How To Build Confidence and Believe in Yourself

In 30 seconds… One of the things that held me back from pursuing my dreams for many years was fear of failure … and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome that fear. It’s something we all face, to some degree, I think. The key question: how do you overcome that fear? TheContinue reading “How To Build Confidence and Believe in Yourself”

It’s Not Our Experiences That Shape Our Lives—It’s Our Response to Them

In 30 seconds… We have all had various experiences that have had a significant affect on who we are. What I’ve noticed over time is that it’s not so much the experience itself that is important, but the meaning we assign to the experience.  Have you ever been completely blindsided or had the rug pulledContinue reading “It’s Not Our Experiences That Shape Our Lives—It’s Our Response to Them”

How To Make Decisions You Won’t Regret

In 30 seconds… Oh my god, you think, your stomach turning. Why in the world did I do that? We’ve all made a bad decision before. You know the feeling—in the moment, it seems like you made the right call. But afterward, the impact of your decision sets in, and you realize your judgment wasContinue reading “How To Make Decisions You Won’t Regret”

How Happy Are You?

In 30 seconds… Finding happiness can seem like chasing shadows. The happiest people aren’t necessarily the ones who laugh the most, though. They are the people who display absolute eagerness and satisfaction in their lives—they are excited to wake up each morning, and they feel calm and content at the end of the day. DoContinue reading “How Happy Are You?”

Weekend Habits That Will Help You Recharge

In 30 seconds… Don’t squander your day off. We all look forward to our days off. Whether it’s a weekend, a personal day, or vacation, we count the hours until we finally get a stretch of free time and can make it a relaxing day. Unfortunately, days off often fail to live up to ourContinue reading “Weekend Habits That Will Help You Recharge”