Weekend Habits That Will Help You Recharge

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Don’t squander your day off.

We all look forward to our days off. Whether it’s a weekend, a personal day, or vacation, we count the hours until we finally get a stretch of free time and can make it a relaxing day. Unfortunately, days off often fail to live up to our expectations. Have you ever returned to the office feeling sluggish and frazzled – more in need of another break than ready to tackle the newest challenge? Read on to get a few tips and things to do on your day off to really recharge.

1. Disconnect.

Taking a true break from the grind of the week to do something that puts you in a flow state is vital for weekends. Whether it’s playing music, painting, or playing a sport, allowing yourself to become immersed in an activity is so important for disconnecting from work and boosting creativity.

2. Exercise.

Exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen the body and clear the mind. The endorphins help your body recharge, and it can improve your sleeping habits, too. The trick is to find out what routines work for you that you can maintain on a regular basis—like short walks, dance videos or studio classes. Make room for movement on the weekend, and you’ll be more likely to return to the office smiling on Monday.

3. Self-care.

Find time for yourself, to dedicate to your other passions that may not be directly related to your 9-5 job. Doing activities that help you improve as a person—such as reading, learning a new skill or simply enjoying time with loved ones—can be a breath of fresh air from all the work you put in during the week.

4.Create traditions.

There is no greater motivator than spending time actively engaging with friends and family members, have some special weekend activity that everyone loves but no one has to plan each time. Maybe it’s pancakes on Saturday mornings or a family walk to worship services, but whatever it is, make a ritual of it. These habits are what become memories—and comforting rituals boost happiness.

5. Keep you mind engaged

The brain needs exercise just as much as the body. Lack of mental activity will result in atrophy, which is not conducive to success or productivity. Engaging in just an hour or so of mental activity, such as the Sunday morning crossword puzzle, is a great way for you to stay sharp and focused. So, next time you see someone working diligently on a crossword, remember that they are not just burning time, they are engaging their mind.

6. Make time to explore.

A run, walk, or bike ride can turn into an adventure—with plenty of opportunities for that spontaneity people seem to think planning quashes—if you choose the right neighborhood. Use weekends to stretch your routine a bit.

7. Errands and chores.

While it is a good idea to avoid filling your weekends with chores and other busywork, completing one or two meaningful projects each weekend is a great way to maintain a productive mindset while still leaving time for relaxation and enjoyment.

8. Rest and relax.

It can be tempting to work through the weekend and check off more to-do list items. Avoid this temptation by scheduling a block of “R&R” time—shut off your phone or turn off email notifications and do something you enjoy. Bonus tip: Cook for the week ahead to make getting healthy meals in quick and easy.

9. Find new inspiration.

A great way to expand your mind is to try new things—reading a book of poetry, losing yourself in fiction, or trying a new hobby. Mixing things up from your normal routine will help you tap into your creativity when you need inspiration most. 

10. Find a balance.

I try my best to spend one day of the weekend unplugged, no work-related activities. Then, I spend the other day learning something new that I can use to be better at work. I find balance in a weekend of self-care and self-improvement.

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